How to Prepare for Snowmageddon

  1. Buy 4 pints of ice-cream. Nope, better make it 5.
  2. Stock the cabinets with cookies-mostly chocolate chip, but throw a pumpkin spice in there because it’s cold and snowy outside, jeez!
  3. Call at least three people to discuss impending doom.
  4. Rearrange the cars in the driveway so you can all get stuck anyway.
  5. Cancel all plans for the next several days. Absolutely nothing can get done. Laundry-no. Dishes-no. Work commitments two weeks from now will probably be iffy. In fact, this is pure survival mode.
  6. Research how to build an igloo.
  7. Gather all shovels near the front door so you can dig them out after it snows.
  8. Sweatpants.
  9. Ask the neighbor with the snow blower how their family is doing.
  10. Locate all sci-fi trilogies and romantic comedies on DVD. Watch Sesame Street instead.

….and get yourself an awesome sibling that can make this!