Welcome! My name is Juliette, I am 31, I live in New York, and am a mother of 14 month old identical twin girls.

Ok, this really doesn’t say anything about me. Well, the part about being a mother to 14 month old twin girls probably says the most about me. It’s pretty all-consuming. I say that in the best way possible, too. That little bit of information gives you an idea of what my days and nights are like, where I come from when I say: “I know what it’s like to not sleep,” or “yes, it really is that hard to get just one load of laundry done some days.” So that’s like the 75% of my physical, day to day existence. The twin mom thing. But the other 25% and a HUGE part of my brain and my soul is wrapped up in all sorts of other things. I can recommend several dairy free and soy free products to you after over a year of adjusting my diet for a baby that has an allergy. I’ve mastered tandem breastfeeding, and navigated a move while pregnant. I know what it’s like to raise newborns while starting a business, and can relate to anyone whose ever lived with other family members.

I am really a bubbly, hungry, precocious 16 year old inside that still thinks an adventure could be around any corner. I need only a few minutes away from my kids to start imagining all sorts of artistic endeavors, road trips, business ventures, rap songs… I may quietly sit inside the play pen with my girls (we used to call it Gen Pop,) and read them stories, but in my head I’m imagining how hubs and I can publish our own children’s book.

image2.jpgMy twins are named Hazel and Ginger. You’ll be seeing a lot of them.  They are generally very friendly, love to laugh, dance, and be read to, make great faces, and have the coolest senses of humor. They’re smart kids and have spent a year working hard to hit physical and developmental milestones after being born premature at 32 weeks and spending three weeks in NICU. Preemie power!


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Florida Scarf says:

    Hi there! I just read your article on twiniversity…and thusly I have just read a few of your other blog posts. I love your writing. It’s great. I also find you very inspiring as I am 20 weeks pregnant with twins and am an artist with a small business myself. Please keep sharing.


    • julesks918 says:

      @Florida Scarf Congratulations on your pregnancy!! 🙂 🙂 and thank you so much for this kind comment. Having twins has been such an amazing adventure. I’m so happy to know that you are reading and connecting with my posts. When I get busy with my business, my posts slow down a bit, but that’s a great problem to have I guess 👍 How lucky your babes will be to be born to an artistic, boss-lady Mama! 😊💪No doubt you will employ every ounce of those creative juices when the little ones arrive. It radiates out in one form or another and hopefully makes life a little more magical for our babes! 💛💛 Feel great, and best of luck with your pregnancy and your business!! 😊🌱


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