Ginger and Hazel (the business, not my children, lol)


Twiniversity is a great resource for parents of multiples! There are tons of informational articles and links to tips, gear, advice, and personal stories from families with multiples.  T</

The Alternative Baking Company

Listen, you should just have a direct line to this company to get the most delicious dairy free and egg free treats you could ever imagine.  You WILL get addicted, I’m warning you. I sort of feel like I’m giving you my dealers number.

The Honest Company

This is Jessica Alba’s company that makes natural baby, home, and beauty products.  I have a monthly diaper subscription and absolutely love it.  The Honest Company’s All Over Healing Balm has been a godsend for a compulsive hand washer like me, and is my go-to ointment for healing the twins’ chapped cheeks. Check out all they have to offer here:[nav]=true

Earth’s Best

Earth’s best provides wholesome, organic baby food and baby care products.  We are huge fans of their Organic Oatmeal cereal and their fruit and veggie pouches.  These are staples in our kitchen cabinets!

Happy Family Organic Superfoods

As a Mom of a kid with early gut issues, we were proactive about probiotics.  Happy Family Organic Superfoods offers a variety of baby and toddler foods with probiotics.  Their flavor combinations are delicious and many include chia! We eat their cereal and fruit and veggie pouches daily.


Modern Tribal Mamas Facebook Group

This is a closed group, meaning only those accepted into the group can view and post on the page. Ney Ney Klein, the administrator of the group writes in the Welcome document:

” MTMs was originally started to support breastfeeding- however it has grown into a forum that supports making informed choices, gentle parenting, and educated-thoughtful living in general.”


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